Translation Job

Job Description:
If you are a bi-lingual then translation job is one of the easiest and most rewarding job you can be engaged in. Basically, a translator (person performing a translation job) converts information in one language to another language.

Often converting a document from one language to another is very time-consuming and needs good accuracy. Although just translating word by word is easy and you can translate using various free software available, the original meaning however doesn’t remain intact. Translating any document needs to preserve the context and meaning of the original document and thus requires a professional to do it accurately.

Being a professional translator to perform translation job requires you to translate hundreds if not thousands of documents. These documents include not only text files but also audio and video files. Once translated, the translator also needs to proof-read the document to examine if the original meaning remains intact or not.

Responsibilities of a professional Translator
A professional translator is the one who has ample knowledge regarding both original and translation languages. Just being bilingual is not enough. A professional translator needs to search industry specific keywords and terminologies to translate accurately. He/she needs to have proper linguistic qualifications with expertise in the specific area.

Not only are his qualifications and knowledge regarding the translation task important but also his integrity and ethics regarding his job. We are very serious regarding the privacy and security of our clients’ data and information. All the documents presented to the translator should be kept safely and securely so as not to compromise its safety.

There are various types of translations that are needed to be performed by a translator. However, he/she may not have expertise regarding all of them. Technical translation, marketing translation, business translation and IT translation are the major ones. A translator should be an expert in at least one of the types mentioned above.

Proof Reading
Sometimes a translator may also be required to proof read documents translated by third party. The errors and mistakes found may range from only a few to several through out the whole document. Also, the original meaning and context may have been compromised. A translator is then required to correct the mistakes in those pre-translated documents. He/she should have the skill to proof read documents to produce a complete and perfectly translated documents.

Becoming a professional translator is not a short step process. It requires some serious work and dedication to gather required knowledge related to the specific field. Also, the documents must not lose its original meaning and context. Even after translating a document by researching the terminologies and preserving its meaning, the translator is required to have good integrity and moral codes. He/she mustn’t compromise the security of the data and information. Only after having these qualities, a translator can be called as a professional one.

If you are a professional translator and would like to work with us, please register on the website and apply for the translation job. You might be required to submit some translation samples before we can provide you with translation jobs. Join today and starting earning with us.


  • Good knowledge about original and translation languages is required.
  • Read the given document and research the industry-specific terminologies.
  • Convert audio recordings and/or text documents from one language into another.
  • Ensure the translated and original document both convey the same meaning.
  • Proof reading a pre-translated document is also required.
  • Strong integrity regarding the safety of our clients’ data and information is required.
  • Once you are good enough with both languages, this is an easy job to work from the comfort of your home.
  • No Minimum Number of documents to be translated in a day.
  • There is no any upper limit on the earning you can make translating documents.
  • Translate up to 2 documents per day.
  • Get paid up to Rs. 1000 per document you translate.
  • All your earnings will be approved and credited in 1 to 2 hours.
  • Check your completed forms and earning details in the member area 24 x 7.

What is Translation Job?
Translation job is the process of interpreting written or verbal documents into one or more languages. At the end of the process, the meaning and the context must remain intact as the original document.

What are the skills or knowledge needed to be a professional translator?
A professional translator must be fluent in the languages he provides translation service in. He/she must be able to translate both written and verbal documents without changing the actual meaning of the document.

Who can work as a translator?
Translator is not a legally protected title and hence anyone can work as a translator. Some people work as a translator just because they are bilingual and they think they are perfectly suited for it. We can find anything from “zero qualifications” to master’s degree in translation studies.

How much accuracy is required for this job?
A good amount of accuracy is needed for this job. Just translating the document word-by-word is not proper way for translating it. The original meaning and context mustn’t change after the translation.

What are professional translations and unprofessional translations?
The documents translated by translators with proper linguistic qualifications with expertise in the specific area is known as professional translations. On the other hand, those translations which lack proper expertise and loose the original meaning are known as unprofessional translations.

How many documents can I translate per day and how much will I get per document?
You can translate up to 2 documents per day and you will get paid Rs.1000 per translated document.

How long does it take to translate a document?
The time taken to translate a document varies according to the length of the document, it’s complexity and your efficiency.

Do I need to pay for registering in the site and/or any other reason?
No, you don’t need to pay for registering on our site. And we will not ask for any payments from your side.

When will I get paid after translating?
You will get paid within 1 to 2 hours of translating a document and submitting it.

How can I get documents to translate?
Documents that need translation are available in the member area. You need to login to your account daily, check for any pending documents and start translating those documents.

Is proofreading a previously translated document also assigned as a translation job?
Proofreading is the revision of previously translated work by a third-party translator. This translated work may contain errors from a few in numbers to several throughout the whole document. A document containing several mistakes and whose original meaning and context is not intact maybe reassigned as a translation job.

How big is the security and privacy concern about the documents that are given for translation?
We take a very serious stance regarding our clients’ privacy and security. The data and information contained in the documents provided by our clients are treated with great caution. And the same is expected of the translators that we hire.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Employer

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.



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