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Job Description:
If you have a creative mind, can visualize a concept in a unique fashion and work around with designing tools to create intriguing designs then graphics designing job is the best suited job that can earn you thousands of rupees in a week. Creating graphical contents based on the clients’ requirements is the major skill required to be a graphics designer. Due to increase in the number of internet brands, graphical contents required for them has increase along and thus the scope of graphics designer with it.

Designing Process
The first and foremost step in graphics designing is gathering the information and materials. Then, the designer needs to plan a concept and make a rough layout of the design. After the confirmation of the design by the client, the actual designing part begins. Now, the designing is completed after which it is finalised to check whether it is in accordance with the clients’ needs. The final copy is then sent to the client for confirmation.

Scope of a Graphics Designer
The internet market is growing rapidly and along with it, different internet brands. Although their major content may be written content but they also require a great number of graphical contents. This is where a graphical designer comes into play. Graphics designers need to meet the increasing demand of the market with unique and amazing content. With a right skills level and professionalism, a graphics designer has a never-ending scope in the designing market.

Responsibilities of a Graphics Designer
A professional graphics designer has many responsibilities including but not only limited to creating intriguing graphical contents. He/she needs to have a proper understanding of the clients’ requirements to meet their specific needs and also must be well-equipped with the designing tools. Their designs must capture the attention of those who see them and also communicate the right message.

He/she needs to define requirements, visualize and create graphical contents. These contents include logos, layouts and photos defining the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, exhibitions, product packaging and so on.

While working for us, the graphical contents you create is solely credited to the clients. After submitting your work and its confirmation, you do not own the designs that you have made. But instead, the clients have full ownership of those content and they may use to use it however they intend to.

Along with all the skills mentioned above, a professional designer must have a good integrity regarding the safety and security of the clients’ data and information. We have a very strict policy about the privacy of our clients and the designers we hire must abide by the same policy.

Being a professional graphics designer requires you to create interesting designs that captures the attention of the viewers. You also need to be aware of the designing process and all the tools required for designing. A good quality graphical content with good integrity for clients’ privacy is what a graphics designer needs to have.

If you have the required skills mentioned above and would like to work as a professional graphics designer, join us today to start putting your skills to use. Signup at the website and apply for the job to start earning money.


  • Good knowledge regarding the types of designs you need to be working on is required.
  • Good skills for using various designing tools is required.
  • No need for much typing skills.
  • Need to have a creative mind to create attention capturing designs.
  • With good knowledge of designing tools and the methods, this is a job to earn thousands of rupees per month.
  • Can work around your own clock as long as you meet the clients’ deadline.
  • No limit on the amount of money that can be made designing graphical contents.
  • Good integrity regarding clients’ safety and privacy is required.
  • No Minimum Number of designs to be completed in a day.
  • All your earnings will be approved and credited in 2 hours.
  • Check your completed designs and earning details in the member area 24 x 7.

What is graphic designing job?
Graphic designing is creating a visual content or graphics using the given specifications to pass some message to the viewer. Graphics designing job includes creating intriguing designs using designing tools to capture the attention of the viewer.

What are the skills required to be a professional graphics designer?
A professional graphics designer needs to have good skills regarding the designing concepts and the tools used for them. Layout skills, analytical skills, creativity flexibility, time-management skills and etc. are the skills that are required to be a professional graphics designer.

How big is the security concern regarding the privacy of our clients?
We have a very strict policy regarding the safety of our clients’ data and information and expect our designers to abide by the same policy.

What are the responsibilities that a professional graphics designer needs to perform?
Apart from creating intriguing and attention capturing designs, a graphics designer needs to coordinate with the client to meet their requirements. He/she needs to conceptualize visuals based on those requirements and then use designing tools to create them.

How many designs do I need to create at a given time?
The work we get from our clients is huge and you will be assigned yours accordingly. You can work around your own clock as long as you meet the clients’ deadline. And, the design you need to create varies according to the deadline you need to meet.

How long does it take to create a graphical design?
The time it takes to create a graphical design depends upon various factors such as the complexity of the design, designer’s creativity and his skills.

How long does it take you to confirm my designs with the client?
Confirming your work with the client ranges from a few hours to one or two days.

What are the different types of designs that I need to create?
The different type of designs that you need to create are logos, layouts and photos defining the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, exhibitions, product packaging and so on.

Who holds the ownership of the designs that I create?
After you’ve created a designed and submitted it, the full ownership of those designs resides with the client. You will have no right over those design and the clients may wish to use those designs in anyway they see fit to.

Do I need to pay for registering on the website and/or for any additional reasons?
We do not charge any fee to our free-lancers for registering on the website and/or for any additional reasons.

How long after completing the designs will I get paid?
After completing the design and submitting it to the client, you will get paid within 2 hours of that.

How can I get the designs work that I need to perform?
You can get the design works that need to be performed from the members area. Login to your account and navigate to the members area to find the pending design works to be completed.




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