Captcha Entry Job

Earn Rs.6/- per Captcha entry. Start doing your task below.

Captcha Typing Instructions

What is CAPTCHA Entry Job?

Solving captchas is called Captcha Entry Job. Corporate Companies provide us lot of captcha solving assignments every day, you can solve them all and earn money.

How to do CAPTCHA Entry Job?

It is an easy Job. Type the text as shown on the image in the box provided. Do not make any errors. Captchas are case sensitive, so type upper case and lower case characters carefully. Captcha include alphabetical and numerical values.

Will i be paid if i make errors?

You will not be paid if you make any error in the task, However you can retry the captchas that you made errors and correct your mistakes.

How much will i earn per captcha and many captcha typings can i do per day?

You can do any number of captcha entries available per day, each successful captcha solving pays you Rs.6/-.

How long does it take to get my earnings credited?

Your earnings will be credited instantly after finish the task.

Is there any Timer or time limit?

NO, there is no any timer or time limit, you can take your own time and solve the captchas.