Freelancer Jobs

A freelancer is someone who offer their skills and service for a fee to several clients. Working as a freelancer is an affordable and fast way to earn from anywhere. If you have some sellable skills - you should start working as a freelancer.

If you have a full-time job, you can start working as a freelancer for an additional income. It can be a great income-generating opportunity for students to provide for their pocket money. There are individuals, who work full time being a freelancer. Such a growing tendency reflects that freelancing is a good options for working from remote areas as well.

It is easy to start working as a freelancer if you possess certain skills that are in demand on the freelancer market. If you can work hard with professionalism, self-discipline, time management, bearing responsibility and through creative approach - freelancing is the job for you. You will get to enjoy a flexible working schedule and do things that are your passion and zeal. Here are some of freelancing jobs that are high in demand and pay well.

Freelance Writing
If you love writing, and feel that writing is in your nerves – offering freelance writing services is for you. Freelance writing includes writing blogs, short stories or novels, case studies, white papers, magazine articles, newspaper columns, sales pitch, outreach emails, website content, essays, CVs and resumes, among a wide range of things.

What do you require?

  • Computer with internet access.
  • Updated profiles on portals/markets for your prospect's use.
  • Good writing skills
  • Editing and proofreading tools for error-free writing.
  • Notebooks for outlining and drafting.
  • And, a writing zeal of course.
There are many freelance writing jobs across the web in many languages including on content agencies like Scripted, Express Writers, WordCandy, Content Harmony, etc. Apart from that freelancer sites like, Probloblogger Jobs or Flex Jobs also offer ample of freelancer writing jobs.

Freelance Photography
Are you into the passion of capturing moments? Because, if you love capturing any little moment's on-camera - freelancing photography could be something for you. Your photography can be essential for newspapers, magazines, online portals, blogs, etc. Along with that, if you have knowledge on video making - that can help you further. Once you are recognized as a photographer, you might be invited to photograph events like weddings, anniversaries, parties or any other celebration.

What do you require?

  • A good camera - probably DSLR.
  • High-Quality lenses
  • Accessories like tripods, reflectors, etc.
  • Computer with strong graphic card
  • Photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom
  • Photography skills
  • And of course, zeal for photography within you.
As part of the initiation, you should start with selecting your photography genre. It can be sports, fashion, travel, weddings or events, or even food, among others. There are many websites across the internet that are looking for freelance photographers right at the moment. This includes, Get Photography Jobs, The Creative Loft, People Per Hour, Freelance Photographer Jobs, etc. It is wise if you get some great photographs and make a portfolio to share with your clients before you start bidding for photography stints.

Freelance Designer
If you have designing skills and the ability to understand client requirements and creating beautiful designs – than selling your skills on the freelance market is a great option for you. There are several niches that freelance designers can work for like product image, company logo or storyboard for commercials or web designs.

Web and desktop designing services are different and each of them have many internal distinctions. As a rule of thumb, it is essential that you put up skills that you possess and are an expert in that field. You can opt for web designing if you are into coding or graphic designing through which you can make posters, letterheads, business cards. You can also choose to go for motion graphic design or product designing tasks.

What do you require?

  • A computer with good graphics card
  • Software - Adobe Cloud package
  • A portfolio showcasing your major works
  • And zeal of course.
There are hundreds of freelance designing job websites across the internet. There are few great websites from where you can start up your freelance designing career - 99Designs, AIGA Design Jobs, Behance or Toptal can be your initial space. Once you get client, make sure you work hard to impress them. They will be your business providers in the long run.

Freelance Web Developer
Web development is one of the most popular freelance jobs on the internet. There are many types of web development language and many types of CMSs that web developer specialize. Demand for web developers exceeds the supply and this certainly won't sink unless the internet is off. Companies are finding it tough to hire a web developer on a full-time basis as most of the time it is costly. This has created huge market for freelance web developers.

If you have web development skills for any CMS software and programing language like php, Laravel, Ruby on Rails etc, you are good to start. While experienced web developer charge higher prices, as a start you can get jobs at lower bids. The point here is to get started and as you work along – you certainly can increase your per hour wages.

What do you require?

  • Computer with required software
  • Knowledge of one or more programming language
  • Acquittance with CMSs like WordPress, BigCommerce etc
  • Space from where you can work efficiently
Spaces like Upwork or PeoplePerHour are great places to hunt for freelance web development stints.

Freelance Marketing
If you love marketing and have zeal to understand product values, pricings, place, promotion, provide physical evidence and love to engage with people - freelance marketing suits you very well.

There are several areas where you can work as a freelance marketer. You can opt to offer internet marketing service and work in areas like email marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing or ecommerce marketing. The next area with huge potential for marketing is Social Media Marketing. This involves handling social media accounts of concerned companies or organizations.

Online marketing jobs require specific set of skills into the way marketing works online and will require you have trainings in any vertical you want to work in. Like for search engine marketing, you should have deeper understanding about the various components of search engine marketing like search engine optimization, Google Ads, among others.

What do you require?

  • Computer, with good internet access.
  • Good Communication Skill
  • Good understanding of the vertical you are working in.
  • Digital marketing training with specialization in any area of your choice
  • And a thirst for Marketing.

There are many placed on the internet where you can work, upwork, FlexJobs, SimplyHired,, Working Nomads can be a great place, to begin with.


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