Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
Name City Mobile Amount Payment Method Pay Date
MUMPY CHOWDHURY PURULIA 97XXXXXX46 Rs.6,338.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
vemulakishore Hyderabad 98XXXXXX37 Rs.13,806.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
SWARNENDU BANERJEE KOLKATA 90XXXXXX60 Rs.12,662.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
M.MAHESH BABU SRIKALAHASTI 78XXXXXX71 Rs.7,477.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
Jaspreet Singh Bathinda 75XXXXXX05 Rs.12,055.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Nimish Mishra Mumbai 99XXXXXX27 Rs.5,129.00 Money Order 05-12-2021
Gandarva Bangalore 78XXXXXX13 Rs.6,645.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Ranjit Kumar Sahoo Bangalore 81XXXXXX59 Rs.14,091.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Nirupom Chanda Silchar 87XXXXXX23 Rs.11,716.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
sagar saini haridwar 70XXXXXX80 Rs.9,662.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
Nehal munde Nehal munde chikodi 81XXXXXX93 Rs.9,610.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
parikshit sharma delhi 95XXXXXX74 Rs.6,673.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Balaraj kore kalburagi 90XXXXXX06 Rs.11,698.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
MANISH PARASHAR SONIPAT 98XXXXXX60 Rs.9,759.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Sk.SayedBaji Vijayawada 88XXXXXX33 Rs.8,678.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
subash trichy 97XXXXXX29 Rs.11,718.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Mradul nirankari Kanpur 89XXXXXX09 Rs.9,258.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
vijay pradhan sonua 99XXXXXX97 Rs.7,774.00 Money Order 05-12-2021
Pankaj panchal Parli 70XXXXXX10 Rs.14,954.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Saumyadeep Banik Tinsukia 88XXXXXX32 Rs.10,211.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Nidhi Bachan Lucknow 95XXXXXX00 Rs.10,932.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Narendra Arjun Kamble Mumbai 97XXXXXX46 Rs.13,212.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Raviteja.K pamur 94XXXXXX01 Rs.11,011.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Sanjith Solar Gold Fields 81XXXXXX70 Rs.11,794.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
D Vijay kumar Hyderabad 80XXXXXX50 Rs.6,712.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
m.jyothi prakash chittoor 94XXXXXX68 Rs.13,675.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Jinesh nilesh kothari mumbai 97XXXXXX12 Rs.6,872.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
Poornima B Bangalore 87XXXXXX05 Rs.13,861.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
khanchi lepcha mangan 94XXXXXX23 Rs.14,022.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Shudhyaseal Paul Kolkata 98XXXXXX80 Rs.13,778.00 Money Order 05-12-2021
MANISH KUMAR SAMASTIPUR 95XXXXXX42 Rs.7,589.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
vasant HUBLI 92XXXXXX91 Rs.14,788.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
ANIL KUMAR gurgaon 78XXXXXX01 Rs.11,904.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
A.D.I.BENET TIRUNELVELI 97XXXXXX80 Rs.11,379.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Hiranmoy Dey Guwahati 84XXXXXX88 Rs.6,965.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
ANISH KUMAR JHA Faridabad 97XXXXXX18 Rs.11,355.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Rubiya Fatima Hyderabad 75XXXXXX39 Rs.5,895.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Daksh Madan New Delhi 78XXXXXX97 Rs.8,776.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Pochammala yellesh kumar Hyderabad 81XXXXXX72 Rs.10,382.00 Paytm 05-12-2021
ANAND KUMAR SINGH VARANASI 96XXXXXX27 Rs.8,763.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
naman jha New delhi 70XXXXXX43 Rs.14,058.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
Simon Samuel Pune 84XXXXXX89 Rs.8,864.00 Money Order 05-12-2021
anandhu kollam 90XXXXXX15 Rs.5,485.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Kilinton Sarkar pandua 83XXXXXX66 Rs.12,569.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
rahul singh alwar 94XXXXXX53 Rs.13,985.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
SRINIVAS SAPA HYDERABAD 90XXXXXX52 Rs.5,432.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Amandeep singh Goraya 89XXXXXX11 Rs.14,318.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
Nikesh Barot vadodara 99XXXXXX64 Rs.13,633.00 Money Order 05-12-2021
t.noorearshiya madanapalli 73XXXXXX71 Rs.11,618.00 Bank Transfer 05-12-2021
mahipal yadav bansur 95XXXXXX26 Rs.6,810.00 Cheque 05-12-2021
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