Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
Name City Mobile Amount Payment Method Pay Date
mohd faizan khan delhi 85XXXXXX57 Rs.15,469.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
Amrita Bengaluru 88XXXXXX13 Rs.5,598.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
kamrul hussain laskar Silchar 94XXXXXX05 Rs.5,840.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
R.Vinayak Salem 90XXXXXX06 Rs.3,530.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Sameer Khan Hyderabad 73XXXXXX41 Rs.3,339.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
PIDISHETTI GANESH HYDERABAD 95XXXXXX91 Rs.8,872.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Uma Bhatia Delhi 98XXXXXX49 Rs.15,265.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
PRAMOD KUMAR SIWAN 98XXXXXX04 Rs.9,809.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
meraj ansari faridabad 99XXXXXX15 Rs.8,050.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
partha sarathi nayak athgarh 77XXXXXX63 Rs.10,896.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
lavkush kumar verma rewa 96XXXXXX38 Rs.6,182.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
mohd awais hyd 80XXXXXX50 Rs.7,627.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Madhani Manali Mukeshbhai JAMNAGAR 89XXXXXX34 Rs.14,919.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
MANAB SARKAR BALURGHAT 97XXXXXX40 Rs.5,071.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
Prachi Pawar Pune 86XXXXXX29 Rs.7,270.00 Money Order 20-01-2021
Rafat Ulla New Delhi 98XXXXXX59 Rs.4,446.00 Money Order 20-01-2021
Insha Nazeer Allahabad 99XXXXXX71 Rs.11,504.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Anam Khan South Delhi 96XXXXXX75 Rs.13,886.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Mohd amearuddin Adilabad 78XXXXXX71 Rs.15,944.00 Money Order 20-01-2021
Bheda dharmendra Rajula 96XXXXXX92 Rs.6,696.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Srikanth patange Basavakalyan 81XXXXXX57 Rs.3,162.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
HRISHIKESH UPADHYAYA GUWAHATI 98XXXXXX58 Rs.10,334.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
aparna Kanchipuram 70XXXXXX89 Rs.16,542.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Chandan kumar Durgapur 89XXXXXX36 Rs.13,773.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
PRAVEEN KUMAR SINGH LUCKNOW 77XXXXXX61 Rs.9,346.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
Srinikhil Mallampati Vijayawada 83XXXXXX35 Rs.5,003.00 Money Order 20-01-2021
V Nehal Raju Berhampur 87XXXXXX59 Rs.10,558.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
navdeep thapliyal okhimath 81XXXXXX60 Rs.19,590.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
gannavaram usha Hyderabad 96XXXXXX11 Rs.17,733.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Midhun sivanand kozhikode 94XXXXXX10 Rs.6,522.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
manoj kumar bangalore 70XXXXXX74 Rs.12,747.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
Kalpana shrivastava lucknow 91XXXXXX93 Rs.10,504.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
Ayushi kumari Bakhri bazar 96XXXXXX04 Rs.14,794.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
smit vaghasiya surat 81XXXXXX17 Rs.3,167.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
Jayant bhalerao Nagpur 78XXXXXX19 Rs.4,359.00 Cheque 20-01-2021
Akiur Zaman Mangaldoi 88XXXXXX07 Rs.17,344.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Karanvir Singh Gill Jalandhar 75XXXXXX02 Rs.4,225.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Saichandra Vijayawada 95XXXXXX89 Rs.16,653.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
Neisekho Rino Kohima 85XXXXXX36 Rs.10,489.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
venkatesh Dindigul 98XXXXXX58 Rs.12,208.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
pavan bafna nasik 86XXXXXX62 Rs.4,123.00 Money Order 20-01-2021
Kashish Dhameja raipur 76XXXXXX52 Rs.10,610.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
mohd aasif malik greater noida 97XXXXXX45 Rs.6,278.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Shilpa Bangalore 95XXXXXX91 Rs.8,973.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
Deepali damodare Navi Mumbai 97XXXXXX10 Rs.5,920.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Neeru Duggal Dwarka 88XXXXXX83 Rs.18,177.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
Ayyappan Erode 96XXXXXX58 Rs.10,366.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021
mudadla hareesh ranchi 97XXXXXX29 Rs.5,493.00 Paytm 20-01-2021
suraj kalita guwahati 70XXXXXX91 Rs.17,303.00 Bank Transfer 20-01-2021