PowerPoint Presentation Job

Job Description:
PowerPoint Presentation Job is to professionally design an attractive and effective presentation in PowerPoint. A PowerPoint Specialist, also known as Presentation Designer or Presentation Specialist can transform any kind of poor document into a striking and accentuating graphical content.

PowerPoint presentation has become a common and preferred way of presentation that assists a speaker to present information clearly. It allows a presenter to include texts, images, arts, graphics and videos in the slides to make the presentation visually attractive. But it requires proper knowledge and skill to create a creative and professional one.

If you have the skill to create well-researched professional PowerPoint presentations with top quality contents, you can easily earn handsome money.

Basic Considerations for Creating PowerPoint Presentation
Audiences tend to prefer visual aids during presentation so that they can get the intended message clearly. So, the PowerPoint presentation must serve as an assistant, not as a distraction. Presentation fails if the PowerPoint is not favourably designed. It is very essential to design the slides in such a way that can inject interest in audience.

Too many slides, non-standard fonts, styles and colours will make you lose audience. The designer must include simplified and limited words with key phrases including only the essential information. Use plain background with colour that contrasts the colour of texts so that the audience should not stress while reading the words.

As few words are used in the slides, grammatical and spelling errors can be quickly observed. So, you have to make sure that you give proper focus on even the small things while developing a PowerPoint presentation. These are the certain basic things that a PowerPoint Designer must be conscious about.

PowerPoint Specialist’s Responsibilities
A PowerPoint Specialist is required to create creative and powerful PowerPoint presentations for the clients that can create a positive impact to their audience.

The designer must research thoroughly about the assigned topic and have enough knowledge to design a professional presentation. The contents in the slides must be clear, concise, precise, well-organized and comprehensible.

A professional PowerPoint specialist must have a proper knowledge about the latest features, designs and trends of PowerPoint. He/she must be able to meet the deadlines and work co-operatively in a team.

Along with creating creative designs, the designer must also uphold the organization and client’s standard and guidelines. Above all, the designer is required to protect client’s data and information, and follow the rules of the organization.

Scope of PowerPoint Specialist
From class presentation to giving lectures, from job interview to introducing a company, brand, or product, and in official meetings PowerPoint is widely used to assist presentation. It is used in academics, organizations, and companies.

PowerPoint presentation helps a presenter to convey the message easily and clearly. The precise and concise words with images and videos assist in making a greater impact upon audience.

PowerPoint has become remarkably popular for its significant assistance during presentation. So, in the competitive world of academics, marketing and business, people desire for an appealing visual contents in PowerPoint to stand out in the crowd.

Thus, PowerPoint Specialist has a huge potential in a professional field. Those people who have the skill of designing creative contents meeting the latest demands can transform their skill into a good source of income.

Resources Required for PowerPoint Presentation Job
Computer with fast speed internet, and latest software and versions of PowerPoint are essential for PowerPoint Presentation Job. The PowerPoint specialist must be skilled, creative and familiar with computer. The designer must keep himself/herself updated about the latest features of PowerPoint.


  • Good command over English language and grammar is required.
  • Ample knowledge regarding the preparation of PowerPoint presentation is essential.
  • Proper knowledge about the latest versions and features of PowerPoint is a must.
  • Proper research and creation of the contents of the slides in an understandable way is necessary.
  • Must be able to work under strict deadlines without hampering company’s standard.
  • Must create creative and attractive slides to meet customer’s requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • Proper communication and co-ordination with client is essential.
  • Strong integrity regarding the safety of clients’ data and information is required.
  • Your earning will be based on your skills to make effective PowerPoint presentation and the time you put into work.
  • No limitation on the earning for the deserving candidate.
  • Prepare 10 PowerPoint presentations per day.
  • Get paid up to Rs.500 per PowerPoint presentation you make.
  • Your earnings will be credited to you in 2 hours.
  • Check your completed work and earning details in the member area 24 x 7.

What is PowerPoint Presentation?
PowerPoint Presentation is the visual aid consisting of texts, images, arts, graphics and videos that help a presenter to convey message clearly, persuasively and professionally during a presentation. It is prepared in slides especially in Microsoft PowerPoint.

What is PowerPoint Presentation Job?
PowerPoint Presentation Job is the job where you get paid for designing professional and effective presentation in PowerPoint. The professional involved in this job is called PowerPoint Specialist or Presentation Designer or Presentation Specialist.

What are the skills or knowledge needed to be a PowerPoint Specialist?
Innate creativity and proper knowledge on PowerPoint is the primary requirement to be a PowerPoint Specialist.

What are the alternatives of Microsoft PowerPoint?
Microsoft PowerPoint is the most used tool to develop a PowerPoint presentation. But there are some alternatives to it for creating PowerPoint presentations. They are Prezi, Corel, Haiku Deck, SlideDog, SlideRocket, etc.

What about client’s data security considerations?
We are greatly concerned about client’s data security. According to our policy, not a slight negligence on security of client’s data and information from any of the staff is entertained.

Can I work from home?
Yes, you can work from home. This is an online job so you can work from any place where you have access to computer and internet.

How long does it take to create a PowerPoint Presentation?
Time taken to create a PowerPoint Presentation depends on your skill, creativity, your knowledge on the assigned topic and availability of the graphic content necessary to develop the presentation as per the demand.

Do I have to pay for registering on the website and/or for any additional reasons?
No, you do not have to pay for either registering on the website or for any other additional reasons. There is no hidden charge.

When will I get paid after preparing a PowerPoint Presentation?
You will get paid within 1 to 2 hours after submitting the completed PowerPoint Presentation.

How can I get the assignments to work on?
The topics and details to develop PowerPoint Presentation will be available in the members area. You just have to login to your account daily, check any pending assignments and start developing PowerPoint presentation to get paid.

Can I make a living as a PowerPoint Specialist?
Yes, you can make a living as a PowerPoint Specialist. Not everyone has the skill to make their presentation stand out in the crowd. So, if you have the potential of developing a persuasive PowerPoint presentation, you will not run out of work. Your income will increase as you become more experienced and skilled in this field. You can earn thousands of rupees per week depending on the quantity and quality of your work.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Employer

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.


To activate POWERPOINT PRESENTATION JOB, Kindly place a request, POWERPOINT PRESENTATION JOB will be enabled in your account within 5 to 7 working days, however it can also take up to 15 working days.


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