Meme Creator Job

Job Description:
A meme creator job requires creating hilarious and captivating visual contents to engage the broader audience. You need to have proficient and unparalleled skills to attract the users from all walks of life through the help of GIf’s, infographics, selfies, emojis and videos.

Meme carries more power to convey any form of messages directly and explosively. And social media users love visual contents more than anything. You can take ideas from different sources and blend all the exciting concepts to create a striking meme.

Skills required for a Meme Artist
Meme creator job requires a high level of creativity, open-mindedness, research and analytical skills. Plus, you need to have knowledge and ingenuity about web-based meme creating software.

Meme-making is a creative, fun and lucrative career option for the youngsters. If meme-making is your passion, then join and grow with us. Be a part of the fast-growing digital marketing agency that loves to collaborate, share ideas, and provides timely supports. Sign up and get started with us today.

Scope of Meme Creator
The moment you start loving your work, and then you will not be working anymore. Instead, you will be celebrating every moment of your life.

Meme Creator job is something like that. It is not like 9 to 5 kind of jobs. With your creative, experimental and unconventional meme creating skills, you can earn pretty good amount from the comfort of your home.

Several youngsters are taking up meme-making as a profession and earning salaries up to 2 to 3 lakhs a month in India working for fewer hours.

Meme rounds up faster than any other contents on social media and is easy to load and access on smart devices. And in the fast-forwarding world, people like to be entertained swiftly.

Due to this reason, it is gaining traction all over the world in the digital platform. Many techs, digital marketing and advertising companies in the world have started opening vacancy for the Meme creator. And in the future, it will surely increase in number creating opportunities for many meme artists in the world.

    Responsibilities and Requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to create funny and relevant meme maintaining consistency and quality
  • Collaborate with other teams, like marketing, sales and customer service to ensure brand consistency
  • Edit and elaborate photoshopped and web-based images in all shapes and sizes to make a short and simple meme.
  • Any hands-on knowledge of photo editing and handling of editing software such as Photoshop, freehand, illustrator, etc.
  • Share the created meme in social media or other site contents.
  • Stay up to date with current entertainment and marketing trends.
  • Create fascinating memes that would elicit humor and spellbind the broader audience.
  • Previous working experience as a meme creator is a plus point but is not compulsory.


  • Knowledge regarding the photo editing tools, web-based meme generator apps and software is required
  • Knowing all types of meme, and its presentation style is a plus point.
  • Must be able to meet the meme creating requirements of the client.
  • Must be able to work on tight deadlines without compromising on the quality
  • Should be able to communicate and coordinate appropriately with the client.
  • Should be committed to ensuring the confidentiality of the client data and information.
  • Should be familiar with the common terminologies regarding meme creating.
  • Should create an original and plagiarism free meme content without hurting the religious and cultural sentiments of any parties.
  • Should be able to perform in-depth research on any given topic and make a relevant meme to fulfill the client’s requirement
  • Your earning will be based on the Meme creating skills you use and the time you put into work.
  • All your earning will be approved and credited in 2 hours.
  • Check your work details and progress report in the member area 24x7.

What is Meme Creator Job?
Meme Creator job is like any other regular jobs that require skill to think extra and creative. You need to figure out of the box and create visually stunning images, gif, info graphics, videos and a piece of text blending the trending concepts uniquely and amusingly. Meme creator job could be an opportunity for you to showcase your inner talents and make handsome money.

What are the skills or knowledge needed to be a professional Meme Creator?
You need to have a high-level of photo editing skills and knowledge of the web-based meme generating apps. Moreover, you should be well informed about the latest trends and should equally be part of the netizen gossip circle. Apart from being innovative, you need to relate to the viewer’s demands and should create mind-boggling memes.

Who can work as a Meme Creator?
Anybody who has the required skills to create thought-provoking meme can work as a Meme Creator. You must have an understanding of the relevant content and expertise in editing using the latest tools and technology.

How many Meme should I create per day and how much will I get per Meme content?
You can create up to 20 memes per day. And the payment you get is from Rs.10 to 50 per meme content.

Do I need to pay for registering on the site and/or any other reason?
No. You can directly login and register in our site for free. You don’t have to pay for any reason.

How long does it take to create a Meme?
It depends upon the type of meme content you are creating and the level of your expertise. If you are trying your skills at creating video memes, it may slightly take more time compared to textual images. Since it is required to design and build many meme’s contents in a short time, we want you to be more efficient.

How much accuracy is required for this job?
You need to remain in contact with the team and the client to know about your work. Based on the task or project, you may need to level up your accuracy. Also, you have to effectively communicate with the clients to know their feedbacks and needs. You have to make sure that you have the right skill and resources that would meet the client’s requirement.

How long will it be till I get paid after I’ve completed my job?
After creating a meme as per the client’s requirement, the meme is forwarded to the client. And if it manages to satisfy the client, you will receive your payment. As soon as the client approves your meme content, it takes 2 hours for you to receive payments after you’ve completed your work.

What kind of meme should I create?
From classic meme to the trending meme you need to create all kinds of memes as per the company’s requirement. But we would be grateful if you could create a meme that would represent our company’s brand image and help us grow further. You can try your hands at different types of meme such as one-hit wonders, series, niche, obscurity, slapstick humour, puntastic and many more.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Employer

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.


To activate Meme Creator Job, Kindly place a request, Meme Creator Job will be enabled in your account within 5 to 7 working days, however it can also take up to 15 working days.


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