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On the internet, people search various sites and various strategies to earn money online. But did you know that you can earn real money while having fun of playing quiz? Yes, you read it correct. You can absolutely earn real cash by playing online quiz in India. You can earn thousands every day by playing quiz on your smartphone and stretch it up to lakhs of rupees.

If you are smart, intelligent and have a desire to expand the horizon of your knowledge, you can fulfill your desire in a fun way. You can show your brainpower and boost your IQ by playing online quiz. And to make the game more exciting, you will be paid with real money for playing with us. You will be rewarded with cash prize for every correct answer that you give.

Smart Way to Earn Money by Playing Online Games
You can now relax, have fun and earn money at the same time; all for free. There are other online games too that you can play and earn money from but those games are likely to keep your mind dull.

You can make extra money even when you are bored from work and also during your travel to work by bus or train while utilizing your intelligence at a proper place. So, expand your General Knowledge through fun and entertainment. And earn money while being benefitted.

Skills and Resources Required to Earn Playing Quiz Online
No investment is required to earn money by playing quiz. You just have to signup for free, login and start playing.

The only things you will need are your Smartphone, internet and intelligence. It is the perfect way to utilize your knowledge during free time. All you need to do is select any topic from wide range of options like Science, Maths, History, Sports, Politics, etc. then answer simple questions and get rewarded up to Rs.100 for each of your correct answer.

You are required to answer each question within 60 seconds. Proper knowledge and correct information about the category you select can help you earn satisfying money. So, here you can learn and earn at the same time.

How to Play Quiz Online?
Playing quiz is very simple and easy. You are just required to give the correct answer of the question you are asked during the game.

Login to your account and you are ready to enter the game field. You can enter into the play by selecting one of the categories. It is wise to keep yourself in advantage by choosing the category of your interest and knowledge. Now, just click to begin the game.

You will see a question on your screen with four options. Among them only one answer is correct and remaining three are incorrect. Your job is to select the correct answer from the given options. Select your answer and click on Submit to have your answer recorded. You must be quick to answer the given question within the allocated time. So, you must keep your brain active and focused. You will be rewarded with some points for every correct answer.

After giving correct answers of all the questions of starting level, you will be upgraded to next level. Again, you can play the game accordingly. The more correct answers you give, the higher level you will reach. This ensures that you will win and earn more money in the game.

If you exceed the allocated time to give answer or fail to give the correct answer, you will be asked to try again. You can try as much as you are allowed to try in that level as per the rule of the game. As the answer of any General Knowledge question is fixed, in the game of quiz, there is no way for an app to rig the result. So, you can fully trust on the game and play without worrying to be cheated on.

Can I earn money by playing online quiz in India?
Of course, you can enjoy playing quiz and earn real money for every correct answer. We provide you the platform where you can utilize your free time in a smart way.

How do I play quiz online to make real money in India?
Create an account and sign in for free. Then select the category of your interest and intelligence. You are all ready to start and play the game to win some real cash prize.

What are the skills and knowledge required to earn money by playing quiz?
You must have proper knowledge about the category you choose to play. Desire to learn by doing some research on the area of your interest and your chosen category is necessary if you wish to earn satisfying sum by playing quiz.

Do I have to pay for registering on the website and/or for any additional reasons?
No, you do not have to pay anything either for registering on the website or for any other additional reasons. You can enjoy the game of earning for free. There is no hidden charge before and during the game or even while redeeming the rewards.

Who will pay me?
You will be paid directly by us. There is no hassle and no third party in between.

When and how will I get paid?
Your account will be credited instantly with certain amount of cash prize as a reward for each of the correct answer that you give for the asked questions during the game. You can redeem the rewards and transfer the money to your Paytm account for withdrawal.

How much can I earn per month by playing online quiz in India?
By playing online quiz in India, you can win up to thousands of rupees per month depending on the time you spend to play the game and the number of correct answers that you give. The more you play and give correct answers, the more you earn.

How can I withdraw money earned by playing online quiz?
The points that you earn by giving correct answers can be redeemed and the money can be transferred from your quiz account to Paytm account to withdraw the real cash.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Employer

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.



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