Free Cricket Fantasy Game

Game Description:
Pick your Favourite team of 11 players from real cricket matches. Once the match starts, your fantasy team will start to score points. Points are updated over by over. Watch the leaderboard live during the game as your team progresses in the contest. Compete with your friends and family in private contests. No need to invest a single rupee in the game, you can play for free.

Play Unlimited Matches
Play any number of available matches. There is no any limit.

No Entry Fee
There is no entry fee to join money leagues. You can join them for Free.

Win Real Money
Earn money to join leagues. when your fantasy team top scores the leagues, you will win money.

Withdraw Winnings as Cash
Winning amount can be withdrawn as cash.


  • Basic Cricket Knowledge is sufficient to play the game.
  • Pick your favourite team with 100 Credits.
  • Play at your own free time.
  • Play from your laptop or Mobile.
  • Earn money to have fun.
  • Play with your friends and family.
  • Join any number of leagues for free.
  • No need to invest any money from your side.
  • Choose up to 5 teams per match.
  • Withdraw your winning money every day.
  • Win leagues from Rs.50 to 50,000.
  • Winnings will be credited immediately after completion of the cricket match.
  • Check your winning report in the member area 24x7.

What is Cricket fantasy game?
Pick your favourite team of 11 players from real Cricket matches that happen across the world and make money. You will be given 100 virtual Credits, you have to pick your team within the given budget. Once the real cricket match starts, you will start to earn points based on your player's performances in the match. Top point scorers win money.

What skills do i need to posses to play the game?
Your basic cricket knowledge and skills are enough to play the cricket fantasy game.

How does the Point scoring system works??
For every run you score= +1 point, for 4s= +4 Points, for 6s= +6 Points. For every Wickets you score +5 Points. More detailed point scoring chart will be displayed once the game is activated.

How many matches can i play in a day?
There is no limit for the number of cricket matches that you play. You can play all the available matches on our Game.

How many fantasy teams can i pick per cricket match?
You can pick up to 5 fantasy teams per cricket match.

How many League tables can i join per Game?
You can join up to 10 leagues per Game.

How much amount can i win Game?
Your winnings are based on the points scored by your fantasy teams. You can win from Rs.50 to 50,000 per league.

Do I need to pay anything on the game and/or any other reason?
No. There is no entry fee in the game. There is no hidden charges or puchases in the game. You can play the game for Free.

How long does it take to create a fantasy team?
It just takes 5 minutes for you to pick your favourite fantasy team.

Can i play the game on my mobile?
Yes the game is mobile supported, you can play the game on your mobile.

Is there any practice contest in the game?
Yes, there is practice contest in the game, you can try them before you go for real money games.

How long does it take to withdraw cash after the game?
Once the real cricket match ends, all your points will be calculated and winning money will be credited immediately. You can withdraw cash by the payment method that your prefer.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Game Provider

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.



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