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Job Description:

We will be providing you advertising matters which targets our client websites. You Job is to post those advertising content on free classified websites. You will be paid Rs 0.50 to Rs.5/- for each and every valid ad posted. Work at your own time. Ad posting tools and list of posting websites will also be available in the member area. You don't need a website or prior experience to Join. Log in to your account, Copy the advertising matter from the tools section, paste it in the classified website and your ad will be posted in minutes. Along with your ad posting earnings, you will also receive incentives for visitors + Registrations.

Earn Rs 0.50 to Rs.5/- for every data entry ad . (Primary Earnings)

Earn Rs.20 to 30 for every visitor sent from your posted ads. (Additional Earnings)

Earn Rs.200 to 300 For Every Registration Made through your Posted Ads. (Additional Earnings)

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Earn from Online Tasks:

Apart from your Ad Posting earning, you can also earn by doing tasks. You will be paid from Rs.1 to Rs.500 for completing daily tasks in our site. Just Login to our site daily, choose the task that you like to do, finish them and get paid.


  • Basic Internet Knowledge is enough.
  • Work from home at your own spare time.
  • No Minimum ad postings per day.
  • Post up to 1000 ads per day.
  • Earn extra from easy Online Tasks.
  • Check your A/C balance and Stats in the Member's area Instantly.
  • Get Paid Weekly by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money order or Paytm.
  • Update your Profile and Payment Options at anytime.

When can i receive the payment?
You can withdraw your earnings once a day as soon as your account balance reaches Rs.2000/-.

How will i be receiving the payments?
You can withdraw your payments by Bank transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm.

How do you track the visitors and Registrations generated from my ads?
Your ads will contain a unique referral link, so whenever an event happen through your link our advanced system will track your visitors or Registrations and credit you automatically.

Do i need to generate a sale or visitor to get paid?
No, Even if your ads doesn't make a sale or generate a visitor, you will still be paid for the ads posted.

Are Online Tasks different from Ad posting work?
Yes, Online tasks are different from Ad posting work, you can do both jobs on our website.

What type of tasks will be given to me?
You will get tasks like writing, reading, answering simple question, filling forms..etc

How long does it take to finish a task?
Most of the tasks can be completed with 1 to 2 minutes, some tasks can take up to 5 minutes.

How many tasks will i get per day?
There is no such limit, list of tasks will be available in the member area, you can choose any no. of tasks that you prefer, complete them and get paid.