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What type of food do you prefer? :
Do you read Nutrition labels on food Packs?:
Yes    No
Do you buy only branded products?:
How many times a day do you drink Milk? :
Do you like eating Green Vegetables like Spinach? :
Yes    No
How often do you eat fresh fruits? :
How often do you go to supermarkets? :
At what time of the day do you eat dinner? :
Your favourite drink :
How many litres of water do you drink a day? :
Select the fresh fruits that you like? :
Apple    Mango   Orange    Grapes   Banana    Papaya   Guava    Lemon   Water    melon   Pomegranate    Cherry   Lichi    Strawberry   Fig (Anjeer)    Pineapple   Peach Fruit
What is your favourite Indian dessert? :
Favourite ice cream flavour? :
Which service do you use to order food? :
How many eggs do you eat in a week? :
What is your Favourite Biryani Dish? :
Your Favourite Tea Time Snack? :
Which Nuts and seeds do you eat? :
How often do you eat fast foods? :
How often do you go to restaurants? :
How much money do you spend per week in restaurants? :
Your Cuisine Preferences :
What is your favorite Restaurant? :
How often do you eat Cakes? :
Are you allergic to any food? :
Yes    No

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