Data Quiz

Entry Fee : 5 Coins
Users : 16/20
Entry Fee : Free
Users : 4/5
Entry Fee : Free
Users : 0/5
Entry Fee : Free
Users : 2/3
Entry Fee : Free
Users : 2/3

Data Quiz Game Instructions

What is the game all about?

This is a picture matching game. The game is all about choosing the right option which matches all pictures given. This game can improve your memory skills.

How to Play the game?

This is like a normal quiz game, a question with 4 options. In the question field, you will be given a set of little pictures like icons. In answer field, you will be given 4 options. Order of images will be mixed. You will have select the right option which matches all the pictures given.

Is this an easy game to play?

Yes of course, this is a very easy game. Anyone can play the game, no special skills required. It also improves your brain power.

How to win a game?

Winners are decided by Top Scores. Top ranks are considered on the basis of 2 factors - Time taken to play a game + No. of corrects answers. Users who choose more correct answers in a limited time will Top the rank list.

Is there any money required to join the game?

No, This is a free game, there is no money needed to join the game.

How about Entry Fee in the contest?

No entry fee in the form of money is required here. However some contests may require Entry fee in the form of coins. Coins can be collected for free by participating in credit based games listed above.

How many games can i play in a day?

You can play any number of available games allowed to play in a day. Login to your account daily, check the list of available games, Play Win and get paid.

When will the winning amount be credited in my account?

Your winning amount will be credited within 30 minutes once the contest ends.

When does a contest ends?

When maximum users in a league is reached, the contest ends and the winning balance will be updated in 30 minutes.

What is the role Timer in the game?

Each question will have timer like 30 secs, 60 secs...etc. You have to choose an answer within the given time or it will be considered as wrong answer and will be skipped automatically to the next question.

What if answers all questions wrongly?

You need to answer at least 1 question correctly to be win a contest. If you answer all questions wrongly or if all questions are unanswered, you cannot win the contest.

How many users can play in a contest?

Maximum users differ for every contest. You can check that in the league boxes above.

Can i withdraw Coins or credits as money?

Coins and Credits are fun currency, which cannot be withdrawn as money.

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