Online Data Entry Jobs Guide for 2020

What is an online data entry job?
Online data entry jobs mean typing data from one source into another through a digital device. It is an example of a typing job where you are paid to complete typing tasks like transcription, data entry, captioning, writing, translation, etc. People in this job handle letters, documents and mailing lists. There could be numerical data entry too. It is widely used in accounting, medical field, human resources, etc.

Data entry can mean a wide range of activities, but it typically includes several occupations like electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks. Generally, online data entry positions refer to those which use crowdsourcing technologies allowing companies to phrase out several data entry into tiny tasks spread across a wider workforce. So, a data entry job can be understood as a task where employee inputs data into the computer from forms or other non-electronic formats.

How does it work?
There are different types of roles for data entry jobs. As such responsibilities can vary from one industry to another, and employers may add other (related or not related) office responsibilities for the job. It entirely depends on what type of job you are assigned.

  • Data Entry Clerk – Involves inputting information, numeric or alphabetic in one format to the other.
  • Data Entry Keyer - This job is about entering or scanning figures or data in a computer software system from other documents like hard copies of paper documents.
  • Transcriptionist - It is usually a word-based job that involves listening to the recording and then transcribing the information into reports or other word documents.
  • Typist – Involves basic typing is the job which includes entering information for text documents, correspondence, and reports.

What are the skills required?
Although data entry is an easy and good-paying job, it might not be easy for everyone. Basic skills that are required for doing data entry jobs are:

Reading Comprehension
There are times when the person hired on a data entry position will be asked to read a big comprehension and prepare document, article or blog post according to the comprehensive text provided. So, the capacity for reading the comprehensive article can be one requirement that is required for an online data entry job.

Good Communication Skill
It is equally important that you should have good communication skills. Spelling and grammar skills should be appreciable. You must be careful about spelling and grammatical errors for this job. And, your communication skills and ability to interact at all levels should be good enough as you may need to communicate with team members, customers, managers or clients frequently.

Critical Thinking
You need to think critically for any set of contexts. A critical analysis might be required in a data entry job. Hence, basic numerical knowledge and the ability to translate critical information for inputting into database software is something must for this job. At any time, an individual might be required to solve problems and should therefore have at least basic research skills.

Fast and Accurate Typing Skill
Data entry job is generally about inputting the data from hard paper, or another source into system. Hence, the person undertaking this job must have a good typing speed. S/he should be fine with typing alphabets and numbers. Along with that it is equally important that the typing accurate. So, if you think you are not good at typing, its time that you start working on the keyboard.

Basic Computing Skill
One should then have basic computer skills. He should be able to operate MS Office Package effectively and should be able handle tasks related MS Excel or MS Word effectively. Today, a large number of works are carried out through Google Docs, so you should be able to use effectively. If the company that you intend to work has its own software, than the company provides onboarding training to its employees at the very onset.

What are the equipment requirement?
If you are working as a freelancer data entry service provider, you must have all the required equipment for the job. Depending on the nature of the data entry job you might require different types of equipment. However, the following are must require types of equipment for this job.

  • Reliable computer (desktop or laptop) with a high-speed internet connection.
  • A dedicated and strong network filled telephone for work specific calls.
  • Office software packages like Microsoft Office or Apache Open Office.
  • Comfortable working space and a proper chair.

What is pay range and payment pattern?
Data Entry job has a wide range of payment structures. It can include hourly rate, per piece payment rate, keystrokes per hour or even keystrokes per minute. It can also pay per work or pay per audio minute. The pay range differs from one to another service provider. Starting around USD 10 per work, or USD 10 per hour it can be higher than that. The pay scale is designed in such a way that the workers can earn an amount that is considered as a minimum wage in their place. Apart from the hourly rate, these jobs might get additional perks like bonuses, profit sharing, commissions. Generally, data entry jobs from home are paid less than the same job in the office.

Leading data entry job providers
There are several legit data entry job providers. They include

  • AccuTranGlobal
  • Axion Data Entry Services
  • Clickworker
  • Flexjobs
  • Fiverr
  • Microworkers
  • SigTrack
  • Birch Creek Communications
  • DionData Solutions
Data entry can be a good choice of job for people who want to work for certain hours and get paid for it. The job does not require much training and payouts are modest. You can earn staying back at home – but do remember – your sincerity, dedication, and punctuality are what keeps you alive in this genre! Good luck!

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On 08 July 2020